Thursday, January 17, 2008

A girl and her violin.

Anna did an amazing job at her concert. We forgot the camera so we did not get a video of the performance. I have some people who said they will get me copies, so sometime in the near future I will post a video. Of course I was in tears, it is times like this it amazes me that she is now 10 and is becoming her own person. You can't see it in this pic, but she does have a violin pin on her right shoulder that belonged to her Grandma Sharon. After everything, Anna was very excited and proud of herself, you could tell by her smile.

I guess everyone can tell by the pic, but the girl got glasses. She says she can now see the power point during class time. Gotta love technology!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another month, already!

The past day I have had some extra time (what is that you might ask?) so I am getting caught up on some emails and a new post.

The reason for the extra time is that I was fighting off a cold yesterday and stayed home from work, then today I got a call from the school that Peter wasn't feeling well. So as the boy takes a nap I am at the computer, uninterrupted. That includes no kitties jumping around and getting into mischief, the reason for that is they are at the vet (getting fixed). I hope they will calm down a bit (and stop peeing on the throw rugs).

We all had a very wonderful Christmas spent in New York with extended family. Thanks to Amy (my sis-in-law) for doing all the cooking. Of course it was all fantastic! I am going to get her a sash that says Ms Hospitality!! I think it would go great with the baby bump!! We are planning on going up to see everyone this weekend as it is Jakes' 6th b-day. For those wondering Chip (my big brother) and Amy have 4 kids (Alex 14, Kaylee 7, Jake 6, and Katie Beth 18 months) with one due in March, just imagine a St. Pattys baby with the last name Green.

Tomorrow is Anna's winter concert and she is very excited about it. She will have a violin solo, so we will try and post a video.