Thursday, November 29, 2007

The handsome Hansens'

The 4 generations of Hansens'!
Thank you to the Comforts for a wonderful Thanksgiving! There are more pics of the kids on Paul's blog.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The boys room

I have seen this technique done before, but this was my first time actually doing it. All that is needed is some painters tape (I used 1") and a tape measure/level.

The before picture.

In this pic I have measured out the lines and placed tape along the wall, windows, and doors. When I marked the lines I just used a chalk mark so that it could easily come off. The other important part of this step is to use a roller of some type (rolling pin) to go over the tape so that all of the edges are sealed.
I did the black stripe first, just because I had the most patience at the beginning of the project so that I could cut in (paint) around the moldings without masking all of the edges.
Next was yellow, so that it wouldn't matter if I dripped on the bottom half of the wall.
Then orange.
Finally, remove painters tape and decorate. I scoured my parents back yard for old hub caps and licence plates. I found the Nascar stickers at the craft shop. And you can see the headboard and dresser from a previous post.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The girls room!

I have been having so much fun decorating the house. Anna's room was the first room that we did. She picked the color scheme, she was going for a funky retro look. The hardest part about the room is that it is only 9X9, which is pretty small. But she already had the bed (which I got a few years ago for a great price!), which made the small room work well for her. We did have to put up a bunch of shelves for her books, their are still some more stuck in her closet.
We started by painting one wall in the bright touquoise, then I added some squiggly mirrors from IKEA. The chair was rescued from the free pile at a yard sale and spray painted. I made the valances out of scrap fabric and the lime green sheers were found for $5 a piece.
With her bed we just changed the knobs (they were pink) with some cheap wooden knobs that my dad had lying around. I let the kids paint them one afternoon. The "L" shaped book shelves came from IKEA, and I found the squiggly shelf for $7 from a craft store, we just used the leftover wall color to paint it. The disco ball was only 50 cents from a yard sale.
I did make the comforter from lime green and tourquoise fabric (it's reversable). We needed something smaller than a standard size comfortor so that it wasn't bulkin over the sides.
The girl did the mural all by herself, she just sketched it in in chalk and then painted it in with whatever paint we had in the house. She is in a phase were she really likes dragons, when she outgrows it we will just paint over the dragon and do something else.
I had a lot of fun doing this and it was great to let the girl have a hand in things. Pretty cool for a 10 year old!!