Thursday, October 20, 2005

Attention all Hansens!!!

Does any of this look familiar?

These sweaters were made by mom Hansen (Sharon) for Karin and Rick when they were a bit younger. Thanks to dad for saving everything so that we can compare pictures.

I believe that Rick was 5 in this pic and Karin was 10. If that info is wrong please let me know.

Today is school picture day for the kids so when I get the pictures back I will post another comparison.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Pumpkins and costumes

The local Agway is having a coloring contest for kids ages 5 - 12 (so GB can't enter, not that it matters to him) and everyone who enters gets a free pumpkin. DQ finished her picture and we picked out a little pumpkin this afternoon, of course I also had to buy a big pumpkins for our front steps. For decorating we had theses wooden sticks with shapes to make a cat, bat, or witch pumpkin. They really turned out cute, very easy and no mess!!

Of course this got me thinking about halloween, I only celebrate it for the fun of costumes. It helps that the kids love to dress up, and I keep a good stock of dress up stuff around. (I find things really cheap at yard sales). Thes year I found a wonderful plush grey wolf costume for GB to wear so that now leads to DQ being Little Red Riding Hood. She has a Dorothy dress I made for her 2 years ago that still fits, so all I need to make is a red cape. I might see if Rick wants to be the woodsman and I can dress up as granny, but that might be a little much. My favorite costume I ever made was last year for GB. As most know, he is fascinated with Thomas the Tank Engine, so I had to see what I could come up with. I started with a couple of cardboard boxes which I ducktaped together then spray painted, it still was little flimsy so I made a wood frame on the inside out of 1 X 2 which I screwed to the boxes with metal L brackets. I cut out windows and added a smokestack (2 liter soda bottle that I spray painted) then I printed out the face and decals on the computer and glued them to the boxes. The whole thing fit nicely on our wagon so the boy could actually sit in the train and look out the window. I made GB an outfit like Sir Topham Hat (the head of the railway), but when it came time to wear it outside GB just wanted to be an engineer, so I raided his closet for overalls, his train hat and a bandana. VOILA
It sounds a lot harder to make than it actually was. Now when anyone visits they get to ride on Thomas. Very Cool!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rainy Days

It has been really rainy the past few days. Because of it we had to cancel our adventure to the pumpkin patch yesterday. But we found something else to keep the kids occupied on Columbus Day, we went to the library book sale. I went last year and got a lot of wonderful books, everything from Jeffrey Deaver to Dr. Suess, the only problem was carrying every thing to the car. This year I was a bit more prepared, I brought a rolling duffel bag, and boy did the kids and I stuff it full. The sale was going on all weekend with Monday being the free day with $1 admission, of course I went on the free day. DQ was just in awe, the sale is held in a huge gymnasium, the other day she told me that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be an author or an illustrator when she grew up. I was impressed she used the word illustrator. Oh my genius children, (I know it comes from the Hansen side of the family) :D.

The kids have Thursday off of school so we might try the pumpkin patch then, it would be nice because Rick has that day off and he could join us. Anything were there is a tractor and hayride is just perfect for GB.

I actually need to get some sewing done today, nothing to exciting just a table runner and some embroidered blankets. Maybe I will take a picture and share.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Some pics

OK, I know that I am long overdue for a post. I am trying to think of a really good excuse, but really I am just a lazy bum. Anyway here are some pics of Disney.

The prerequisite "Picture with Pooh".

DQ was in awe of all the princesses.

GB couldn't believe his eyes.

I got close with Mr. Incredible.

My mom "Singing in the rain".

We got to meet up with family: my grandpa, Tracy (whom I was named after), my Aunt Debbie, my Mom, and my Uncle Paul (my moms brother). You can figure out where GB and DQ are.

Today I am trying to pick up the house, I actually moved the sofa and vacuumed behind it. Talk about an adventure, I gave the kids 2 minutes to pick up whatever lost toys they found before I put them in the trash. How many times did I hear "I wondered where that went"!!

Last week the furnace was replaced. YEAH!!! We found out how bad it was last year when our smoke detectors went off, that was exciting. Anyway, it took 3 guys a good 3 hours to dismantle and remove the old furnace, it was huge. So now we have a nice little furnace that is sooooo much more efficient. Sometimes renting has its advantages, like not seeing the bill for a new furnace.