Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a kid!!

We recently purchased an older model PlayStation. It actually came in the mail a few days ago along with a car game. The kids have been having fun with it and Rick has been enjoying it also. Well, Rick comes home from work today with a goofy grin on his face... Guess what he bought?

He had a chance to try the game at Christmas time at my brothers house. Their game had two guitars and Rick and Chip were definitely channeling their inner rock star. It is very funny to watch.


Getting ready for work, but just wanted to thank everyone for their support regarding the boy. Thanks Karin for all the input, it really helped calm me down and put things in perspective.

I realized that sounded like an Oscar speech, well, tis the season.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Per request

Actually I am feeling a little gloomy right now. Had a talk with the school psychologist today, seems the boy isn't showing a lot of improvement is school. Academics are fine, actually reading and math are above average, but there are some behavior issues. There is a lot of clumsiness and when he gets frustrated he just shuts down and will not talk or anything. We have been working with his teacher and tried some things, but there just isn't a lot of improvement over the past few months. The psychologist used the word Aspergers. It freaks me out when things start getting labeled. There are a few other things that we are trying before we even discuss the screening process. He is going to be starting Occupational Therapy in the next few weeks to help him with his writing and fine motor skills. And we are trying to get started with Physical Therapy to help him with his coordination. Hopefully that will start within the next month. The school has some great programs in place for OT and PT. We will see how things go.

The psychologist and I also discussed the girl. She has been accepted in the gifted program. On the standardized testing she came back in the 99 percentile. I just need to meet with the gifted teacher to discuss what is involved with the program. But the girl seems to be excited.

I usually try to keep my posts happy and I don't write about "heavy" things, mostly because I don't feel like I can put my thoughts and feelings into words (at least nothing logical). Right now things with the boy are so much on my mind I can't think of anything else.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

One of my favorite things..

I just love the fashion sense of 7 year olds. Notice the big red rubber boots (they have pirates on them) the sweatpants with extra gym shorts, the shirt that says "I am a llama", and to top it all off a coon hat!! Of course he thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think he is the cutest thing and that I have one more photo to embaress him by later!