Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I sent out an email with this link to people who might not have seen my blog yet. So if this is your fist time visiting, welcome!! This is nothing fancy, just everyday stuff to keep in touch with people I don't get to see enough. I am posting some of my favorite pics of the past year, at least some that I haven't already posted. Also, for those newbies, I don't usually use the kids name, (it just seems a little bit safer) I usually just refer to them as "the girl" and "the boy". Hopefully you can figure out who is who!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Rick and I had a date last night. We got dressed up and everything. I wore makeup and pointy shoes (I even shaved my legs). We got a babysitter. We should go on a date more often. Rick had a Christmas party for his work at a very nice restaurant in King of Prussia (PA), so I got to meet some of the people that he complains about, I mean works with. It was a very good group of people and we enjoyed ourselves. It helped that we sat at the table with the PR man so he was good with keeping the conversation flowing.

Another important date today, the boy turns 8. Wow how time flies. I love that he still likes to cuddle and just jumps and hugs me and says "I love you". I think it is cute that he thinks he is a rock star, but that he is very excited about taking a yoga class at the YMCA. For his b-day breakfast we had choco chip pancakes with whipped cream.

He has been asking for this:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My husband works for a Bimbo!

The company that Rick works for was just bought out by Bimbo. Here is a link to the article. We don't foresee any changes at this end, as far as we know it is business as usual. The fresh bread market is a pretty localized thing.

Bimbo is a major company in Mexico, therfore a big sponsor of sport teams. This is a pic of the boy when we visited CJ and Ross a couple of years ago. The shirt still fits him.