Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's Happening!?!

What’s been happening!

The kids started school a few weeks ago and so far they still love it. The first week was a little difficult, but we figured out a schedule and everything is working well.

The boy started guitar lessons and he is more excited about his lessons than he was about going to Six Flags. That is pretty amazing!

The girl celebrated her 11th birthday this week. It is amazing how time flies. We did not do a big party, just took her and a friend to dinner, which was a wonderful thing. Everybody enjoyed it! We got her a digital camera, so she is taking pics of everything. The cat is getting pretty frustrated.

Our tv died last week and since we are a 1 tv household we knew we needed to get another. So we got a 32” flat screen!! So that means we had to move the living room around for the proper placement. Well, once you start moving things around you realize the furniture is falling apart, then you need another size stand for the audio equipment, and so forth and so on.. Reminds me of the kids book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. So anyway, we just got the tv and we will wait on all the other stuff.

I got a new cell phone (it's purple!). I have been using the camera on the phone to take pictures recently. So all the pics of the stuff I just wrote about is on my phone, and I can't figure out how to get them to the computer without getting text messaging charges. I guess I should ask my resident genius...Oh Rick!!!