Thursday, August 23, 2007

Issues with frustration

What a title, huh? Well, we did end up getting two kittens. I thought it was great to teach the kids about rescuing them from the animal shelter, having sympathy for them and all that. That sure worked. My kids have too much sympathy for these kittens. Each kitten came with their own set of issues, one seems to be blind because she keeps running into things and is always hiding, when you go to pick her up she hisses and scratches. Both Rick and I were bleeding pretty badly after the first night. Anna’s kitten on the other hand can’t get enough love, the only problem with that is one of her issues involves the back end. The vet says it doesn’t seem that she has any feeling in her butt and tail. Hence the droppings all over the house. We got medicine for her and the vet says if she doesn’t improve within a week, we will need to put her down or live with the mess. I have to draw the line somewhere. Anna is such an emotional girl, she just holds the kitten and cries, and of course she is looking at the cute little face so I tell her to hold her the other way and see if she changes her mind. If it was up the me I would have brought them back to the shelter after the first few days, but that would have been way to much for the kids to take. So we will see what can be done over the next few days that way the kids will feel that we have done what we could and they will have a chance to say their good-byes. Anyway this whole experience with kittens from the shelter hasn’t been a very positive adventure. The kids are frustrated because they want to hold, cuddle, and play with the kittens, but you will either end up bleeding or covered in poop. I am giving the kittens till the beginning of next week before we start this process of getting some other kittens. At least this next time I will have some more direction. My aunt is in charge of the humane society in Athens, Tennessee, and she has said that she has so many healthy kittens that she will bring us whatever we want. So we will see what happens. I am just very frustrated that these little creatures are messing up my new house.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Movin' on up...

Things are going very well, we moved in this past Saturday. It was very nice to have movers, they packed up the house in Danbury and then when they got here they put all the boxes in the rooms where they belong. We are doing well with the unpacking and placing, basically we just have the basement left to do. I went to IKEA the other day to get some shelves to put my sewing stuff on. I love that store!! Even though Schwenksville is a small town, we are pretty close to everything. The grocery store is only 3 miles (they have free babysitting while you shop, I told them I would see them everyday!!) and is in the same plaza as Target, Staples, AC Moore (craft store), and Petco. But if you want to drive 25 minutes, then their is Ikea, Costco, and anything else you can imagine. So I am all set with the shopping arrangements.

Talk about culture shock!! Within the first couple of days, we have had half a dozen neighbors knock on our door and introduce themselves. Some brought homegrown tomatoes, another brought zucchini, and another brought some fresh picked flowers in a mason jar. I have meet more neighbors here in the past week than in 5 years in Danbury. It has been so nice.

We were having some problems with the cable and internet, but I think everything has been worked out. As soon as we get the other computer hooked up, I will email everyone with our phone and address. I will also try to get some more pics up.

We are planning a visit to the animal shelter tomorrow to see if they have any kittens who would like to come home with us. The kids are going out of their mind they are so excited. So by the weekend we will probably have two new family members!!