Thursday, July 19, 2007

By popular demand...

It has been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. Rick was offered the position of Plant Engineer at Stroehmann Bakeries in Norristown, Pa. He has already started the job this past week and it seems to be going very well for him. Although he asked me what it means when his new off ice has a bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette, I said as long as the couch didn't pull into a bed we were ok. He doesn't need to spend that much time at work.

So our family is preparing for a move. We have already purchased a home, which is why I am posting so that we can show off some pics. Since Rick is staying with the same company, we are getting a relocation package. Which means the company will move us (packing and unpacking) and pay for motels, meals, and some closing costs. Pretty sweet deal. The family is very excited about this move. The kids can't wait, I bribed them with the deal that after we move in we can visit the animal shelter and pick out 2 kittens. They are going to miss their friends, but they are at the age that cats trump friends. Although Anna has said she would give up her kitten if she could have a horse. Hmm. Since we have been renting our current house we were unable to have pets, and for the past 5 years all the kids have wanted were pets.

As for the house (which is why I am so excited) It is a 3 bed 1.5 bath colonial on over .5 acres. It is about 1400 sq. ft. and about 50 years old. Within the past year just about everything has been done. New windows, siding, heating, kitchen and water proofed basement, also the floors have all been refinished and walls have been painted. The only thing we need to do is buy a Fridge. Even though the bathrooms haven't been updated, they are in great shape and I don't mind working with the funky colored tile. The upstairs bathroom is turquoise with peach and the downstairs is gray with lime green. I see a retro theme!!

I do plan to take over the basement for as my workroom and continue to do decorating. I already have my first customer. I worked on her house here in CT, but she just moved to NJ which is only about an hour away, she said she was would pay for my travel time. Excellent!!

The movers come next week and we should be in the new house by the beginning of August. I will email everyone our phone number when we get it, although if you need to get a hold of us our cell phones will still work.