Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Girls day out..

First I will apologize for my lack of posting, I can give you plenty of excuses, but mostly I am just a lazy bum.

Anyway I have to write about yesterday: Once upon a time this past December, there was a terrible morning were my little Drama Queen and I had a "conflict of interest". It ended with her walking out to the bus in tears and me being so mad I was boiling. I know it is hard to believe this about my sweet little girl, but I think it comes from me seeing too much of, well, me in her. From that time on we have developed a schedule and a routine that works VERY well. She has started earning an allowance and has taken on some extra responsibilities, and I keep to the schedule and try to keep things running smoothly as possible. Through all this I see my little girl maturing and thriving on the responsibility, and learning to save her money for something special. Over the past 6 months she has saved enough to purchase an American Girl Doll. She already had Kirsten from her birthday 2 years ago, and enjoys her so much. I love the fact that most of the dolls are historically based and come with books with complete background stories. (I also love that even though she is almost 9, she still loves to play with dolls). So yesterday my mom, DQ, and I took a train into NYC (about 1 1/4 hours) and went to The American Girl Place. Talk about a little girls fantasy (I need to stop saying little, she is almost up to my shoulder). All these dolls and accessories, it was really amazing. Now we have a new member of the family, Jess. Her story being that she lives in Michigan, but travels with her family to Belize. So we are learning a lot about Central America right now. (How cool). We had such a wonderful and special time.