Monday, March 16, 2009


For the past few weeks I have wanted to try some recipes in a cast iron pot. My plan is that when we go camping this summer I will do most of the cooking in a cast iron pot, so I want to try some things to see how they will translate to a campfire. I bought a 5 qt. Oval dutch oven for $30 (which I am told was a good deal) it is big enough to hold a chicken but yet small enough that I don’t feel like I am feeding the five thousand. This weekend I made Mexican shredded pork that I put in pie dough and turned into empanadas (turnovers). The meat turned out so tender and flavorful, I was surprised at how good it was. I got the recipe from “Cook’s Country” magazine that a friend had given me, it starts with soaking raisins in coffee and goes from there. It is one of the most ambitious cooking projects I have done. (I usually prefer to bake, I mean you add enough sugar and anything tastes good). I was very pleased that everyone seemed to like it, and Rick said I could get a new pot anytime I wanted to. Tonight I am making a chicken with veggies in white wine sauce, it sounds good, but we will see. I usually start new recipes with the idea that we can always call for pizza, which has happened a few times. (Note: anything that calls for 2 cups of soy sauce is probably a misprint, YUCK)


At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang...Rick said you could get pot any time you wanted to? I'd no idea he was so progressive. ;)

That said--it sounds lovely. Perhaps I should give it a go (although I seriously doubt I'll be camping and cooking over an open fire any time soon!)

Erm...yeah...two cups of soy sauce...euuggggchhh.... :S

At 8:20 AM, Blogger tracy said...

I did think of all the pot references, but I know that grandma reads this. So I took the high road. (ha ha)

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw...grandma's cool. My guess is the idea makes her giggle. :D

At 2:09 PM, Blogger Carolyn Hansen said...

I'm late to the conversation . . . but I have to tell you that the first time I read Karin's comment I thought she said "get *a* pot any time" and figured it was a feminist comment. It made me laugh anyway because I've told Ross he can get anything for the kitchen any time he wants.

Then I read Tracy's response and laughed even harder.

Yup. Grandma's cool.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Carolyn Hansen said...

By the way, could I get the recipe? Raisins soaked in coffee ... that sounds pretty interesting.


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